Laysat Baysarova

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Laysat Baysarova (born Tangieva) was an Ingush communist party worker turned abrek who became a sniper against the NKVD after being asked to assist in the deportation and exile of her people. While hiding in the mountains of the Caucasus from 1944 to 1957, the period of her nation’s exile, she targeted and killed multiple Chekists in revenge for their attack on Vainakh people, having been previously trained in sharpshooting with the Komsomol before the decree declaring Ingush people official state enemies. In addition to her abrek activities she was the first woman to summit Mt. Elbrus, doing so with her husband Akhmedkhan in 1939.

The Panther:

Into a room of men
Proudly you enter
Your hair – a shiny black mane
Lithe like a panther
Dozens of hungry eyes
See you as prey
Orders came from above
You must obey

Bide, lady, bide
No place you can hide
You swore an oath to serve
So swallow your pride

The orders are loud and clear –
Your own people are prey
Your heart, your home, your highlands
You must betray

A perfect weapon you are
Deadly and fast
A beautiful thing to watch
With lust

Ordered to hunt and kill
You are a soldier
But you have your own free will
And your conscience won´t haunt you

You will desert the ranks
Of killers and knaves
An Amazon doesn´t serve
In an army of slaves

Bite, lady, bite
No place they can hide
You have unleashed the fire
Raging inside
You are a panther now
The hunters your prey
Your heart, your home, your highlands
You couldn´t betray

A perfect weapon you are
Deadly and fast
Vengeance is what you lust
At last

For many years you evaded capture
For many years you were on the run
Your hair has gone silver now
They could never get you
You were a loyal wife
To your sniper´s gun

A perfect weapon you were
Deadly and fast
But now you are free to rest
At last.

The true story of Laysat Baisarova (Tangieva) an Ingush NKVD officer who refused to take part in the deportation and genocide of her people. A skilled sniper and mountain climber, she went viligante…

The Panther was hunted, but never caught.

Thanks to Daria Kulesh