Questions for Mr. Frank Schwabe

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Dear Mr. Schwabe

At the beginning of the year, I was contacted by a friend from Chechnya, due to the purges. I wrote a short text and tried to get in touch with NGOs and politicians. Unfortunately, I have received only one answer from Kadyrovites.

Personally, I am not concerned with violence against myself, but with the silence of the situation in Germany as well as Chechnya. If I contact the Elders within the EU, as I did in the past, their relatives in Chechnya must pay the consequences. (see the case from Email)

I understand well why others are silent, who are not in a privileged position because they are not orphans and have responsibility for their family and relatives but would be very grateful for a short answer.

As Katya Sokirianskaia, the director at Conflict analysis and prevention centre, said: «Conservative Chechen men helped investigate claims. They don’t share liberal values about the LGBTI community but don’t want gay people to be killed and tortured in Chechnya. It is a homophobic society, and Russia is a homophobic society, but since the collapse of the USSR, there have never been any cases of organized violence against homosexuals in Chechnya – no campaigns to expose them. Before this, I never heard of cases of honor killings against men. [while, female honor killings are common] Maybe exceptional cases, but this is completely new. The regime is appealing to tradition, but they are inventing or creating a tradition. They are twisting and changing the tradition for their own needs.»

Sokirianskaia added that «the Kadyrov regime uses two mechanisms of control to keep the populace in check: humiliation and violence.»

From the above, the following questions arise, since this practice is used even in Germany.

How can it be that Kadyrov can push his policy within Germany with the help of Grozny TV and their correspondent Beslan Dadaev, who is connected to the criminal cases of Minkail Malizaev and Movsar Eskershanov, without further consequences?

How can it be that a participant of the purges, the head of the SOBR Abuzaid Vismuradov, is picked up by the CDU member Timur Dugazaev and Kadyrovites like Adam Tahaev, Shamil Dadagov, Said-Magomed Ibragimov on October 30th 2017 from the Moscow airport and can enter Germany without further problems? After all this not the first trip by the head of the SOBR.

Already in 2012 Abuzaid Vismuradov could undergo surgery in Germany, again accompanied by Timur Dugazaev, Adam Tahaev, Said-Magomed Ibragimov and others. Why can Ramzan Kadyrov closest childhood friend make numerous trips to Germany and thread those who dare to criticize Kadyrov? 2012/2014/2015/2017

How can it be that Magomed Daudov, Kadyrov’s right-hand man, can come to Germany on August 30th 2014 to a fight and thread others, only months after he tortured Ruslan Kutaev for the »crime« to organize a conference in the memory of the deportation by Stalin in 1944? The event itself did not comply with the order issued by Ramzan Kadyrov to re-schedule the Chechen People’s Day of Memory and Sorrow to May 10. Ruslan Kutaev was detained and then sentenced to imprisonment. According to Kutayev’s testimony, the Deputy Minister of Interior of Chechnya, Apti Alaudinov, and the Head of the Presidential Office Magomed Daudov, also known as Lord, played an active role in his torture. They kept Kutayev naked in a cellar, placed an axe on his neck while shocking him with an electric current. He was also tortured with an electric baton. He lost consciousness several times during the torture. He suffered a concussion and extensive bruising, along with injuries to his ribs and jaw. They showed him photographs of his nephews. From the up-to-date nature of the pictures, he was supposed to understand that his family was being constantly monitored.

How can it be that Beslan from Bremen may apply for asylum as well as offer »help« to Magomed Daudov, who publicly declared blood revenge on Tumso Abdurakhmanov, meanwhile the brother of the blogger should be expelled from Germany?

How can it be that Timur Dugazaev was able to obtain German citizenship through false information (date of birth/name) and since 2011 member of the CDU in Kiel can propagate the policy of Ramzan Kadyrov in Germany, which recently described Jews as the ‚main enemy of Islam‘? Why are antisemitic statements and actions by Kadyrovites without further consequences in Germany? Are there not already enough dim-witted that believe in one of the oldest conspiracy theories on earth, that the reason for their own miserable lives could be the jews?

Is it not against the policy of the CDU to promote a strong state on one hand and on the other have members in their ranks that are in contact with groups from the BKA report?

“Guerilla Nation Vaynakh”

“Kampfsportvereinigung Regime 95”