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Фото из соцсетей

(a prayer that the Lord has heeded)

When the 11/12/1994 Russia invaded Ichkeria, I and my friends were studying at abroad. During the first week we almost all returned and went to the front haphazardly armed. Those, who live today, remain half-educated …

I was lucky – I managed to buy an almost new AK-74 from a young volunteer quite cheaply – just for $ 250; this machine-gun became his possession few days before –
after his friend got killed … I forgot his name, I remember only his embarrassment and long apologies: he took money from me „solely for the purchase of ammunition“ …

The war that tore our life forever into two halves did not come suddenly: we lived in its premonition all the years of our independence – since August 1991, following with alarm the preparations for the invasion by this vast Empire of Evil that always hung over us like anaconda.

Border agreements with former soviet member-republics were a precondition for forcing former autonomies to sign new serfdom …

And when in 1993 our last ally, Tatarstan, entered the renewed empire in exchange of broad autonomy, we said good-bye to the last hope to avoid forthcoming war.

Today, I want all the peoples of the former USSR, same like the countries that were part of Moscow’s influence zone, to pay tribute to those unknown chechen chaps that by thousands gave their young lives in the battle with this demonic power.

For if it were not for their sacrifice, your freedom would end already in 1995.

фото из соцсетей

From 1994 to 2007, poorly armed, cut off from the whole world, naked and hungry chechen people sandwiched on a patch of land of half of Estonia size stood the onslaught of the world’s largest empire in a full-scale war in which Russia used all its power on earth, in the sky and on the sea, including ballistic missiles.

Even in these days, the Kremlin is forced to keep about 150 thousand of its elite army inside and near Chechnya – even the humbled one – so much they were shocked by our resistance.

Only in the first two years of the war (1994-96) – according to incomplete data by the Committee of Soldiers‘ Mothers – Russia lost more than 14,000 soldiers and officers in Chechnya …

And when, after losing precious 14 years, Moscow got farther in 2008, it was already impossible to just occupy Georgia – time was lost, and the name of the robber was already attached to the Kremlin for atrocities in Chechnya … and – Putin could not go further to take already unprotected Tbilisi …

For the same reason, Putin is compelled to play today a hybrid war in Ukraine, unable to use the one hundredth power that was thrown at the Chechens.

Here lies the reason why, despite the fact that very little time had passed and most of the people living today are its eyewitnesses – even liberals, human rights activists, anti-war activists and other opponents of Putin – all keep silent about the Chechen war …

But then – in those gloomy December days – we silently went to the front. We were lieaving, quietly blessed by our parents who survived the horrors of deportation – not for the sake of victory.

We knew for sure that we would not win …

We knew for sure that the world did not care, otherwise it would not allow this evil come to our land.

The Chechens marched on, with one clear task – to give their lives as dearly as possible, they went, thanking Heaven for the opportunity to give their historic torturer a worthy fight.

This was our prayer.
The prayer that the Lord has heeded – Glory be to Him!

Adam Dervishev