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Russia uses Interpol to prosecute political opponents in the EU.

August 7, 2018, Germany began to mass extradite citizens of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, some of whom threaten torture and death in the dungeons of the concentration camps of Russia. Most often, people are detained at the request of the Russian Federation through the Interpol line.
The war between Russia and the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria ended only on the screens of Russian television, in fact many problems remain unresolved.
Using this, the Russian Federation abuses the mechanism of the red notices of Interpol (the announcement of persons on an international wanted list) with predominantly political purposes and for interrogation and prosecution of its political opponents, to which there are hundreds of evidences.
The far-fetched persecution of those disliked by the Putin regime through Interpol has long ceased to be a problem for only Chechens, although most of the persecuted by Russia are still Chechens. One of the high-profile cases in 2003 was the persecution of the Chairman of the Government of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria abroad, Mr Ahmed Zakayev.
The judge rejected all the charges against Zakayev, put forward by Russia.
Motivating the acquittal of the verdict, Judge Timothy Workman said: „I came to the conclusion that it would be unfair to return him to Russia. Russia is seeking extradition to persecute Mr Zakayev for his political position.“
Recently, a wide publicity received the case of the american financier William Browder, who long time worked in Russia. Russia managed to bring Browder to Interpol’s base on the method worked out on Chechens unilaterally, thanks to the „diffusion“ procedure – sending the „want“ information directly to the member countries of the organization. Later Interpol removed the name of Browder from the list of wanted.
Only recently, to suppress the criminal practice of Russia, using Interpol as a tool to prosecute those disliked, the US Senate introduced a bill that would restrict the right of the Russian Federation to use the mechanism of declaring an international wanted list and would introduce a new package of sanctions against the Russian Federation.
Today it became known that according to different estimates dozens of people have already been detained in different cities of Germany, some have already been deported to Russia, and the extradition process is continuing.
Almost all EU countries deal with the disgraceful practice of deporting refugees to Russia.
Two weeks ago, Slovakia extradited Aslan Yandiyev, an Ingush refugee, who was detained for more than 8 years and suffered from severe forms of illness, to torture and death in Russia. On that day, news was released on the American Radio Liberty, which showed how preparation for the trial over the 60-year-old leader of the Human Rights organization Memorial, Mr Oyub Titiev – to whom the policemen tossed up drugs – was held in occupied Ichkeria. This case was widely publicized and all international organizations unequivocally condemned the fabrication of the criminal case and demanded the release of Oyub Titiev. Following the diffusion, the Radio Liberty showed the story on the Youtube channel, as exhausted and skinny Aslan Yandiyev, in chains and handcuffs, was being deported to the hands of punitive system in Russia.
What rights of the Person and legality in Russia can there be a talk for ordinare citizen, if the well-known human rights activist is behind bars on a fabricated case?
Also a few months ago in Germany there was an attempt to extradite the critic of Putin’s regime Mikail Malizayev together with his family, only on the basis of slander from Russia.
A wide response, the attention of the press and from human rights activists stopped the issue of a seriously ill Minkail Malizayev, but his spouse and three children were still extradited and now are held hostage by the russian occupational regime in Chechnya. Putin’s propagandists, in the guise of „journalists“, had beat Malizayev right in his apartment in the city of Lüdenscheid (Germany). On this fact a criminal case was opened. One can imagine what would happen to him if he was deported to Russia.
There is no doubt that today the German migration authorities act in accordance with the current legislation, and there is no doubt that 80 years ago the „Zbonshinsky expulsion“ (the action of the forced expulsion of Polish Jews from Germany in October 1938) did not violate the law, but the right implies not only following low by its „letter“, but also taking into account its „spirit“, i.e. the meaning invested into the law initially by the legislator.
Sometimes the execution of the „letter“ of the law may not coincide with the „spirit“, in the fulfilment of goals, the achievement of which was expected from its execution.
The Roman lawyer Paul said literally the following: „Anyone who commits a crime prohibited by law will act contrary to the law, and anyone bypasses the law by bypassing the meaning of the law, even staying faithful to the letter of the law.“
Accordingly, a violation of the Convention against Torture dating on 10 December 1984, is evident in which article 3 states that „no State Party should expel, return or extradite a person to another State, if there are serious grounds for believing that he can threaten there the use of torture and even more so death“.
Similarly, EU countries including Germany, issuing a similar „terrorist“, violate article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, both of which stipulate that „no one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment and punishment“.
There is also a violation is happening of the „Declaration on the Protection of All Persons from Being Subjected to Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment“, adopted by the General Assembly on 9 December 1975
We call on the German authorities to stop the extradition of citizens of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, including Mr Beslan Kagirov, born February 10, 1986. An activist and critic of Putin’s power in Chechnya, Mr Kagirov is threatened in Russia with torture and probably death, and we call for stopping his extradition of extradition of anyone else in Putin’s Russia.
We call on creation of an initiative group of emigrants in order to clarify the circumstances and the reality of threats for each deportee. This was repeatedly stated by the Chairman of the Government of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria in exile, Mr Ahmed Zakayev, directly addressed through the media to the authorities of Germany.
On the night of August 2, Mr Yusup Temerhanov, who was convicted of the murder of war criminal Mr Yuri Budanov, was killed in a Russian prison, it was a gift for the „Paratrouper’s Day“ (August 2) to Vladimir Shamanov, the head of the Airborne Troops of the Russian Federation who is accused of massacres and other violations of human rights during war in Chechnya, and was friend and immediate supervisor of Mr Yuri Budanov during the second Russian-Chechen war.
The cases of murders of Chechens in Russian prisons have been widely publicized, and torture and humiliation are common practice.
Along with this, we do not assert that the expulsion of all contradicts the meaning of the law, and that the threat is real for all without exception. We also know that among refugees, there are also alleged refugees, as well as informers, cooperating with the Russian authorities. And yet, „It is better to justify ten perpetrators than to condemn one innocent“. With all responsibility we declare that in today’s Russia the principle of justice is not observed and human rights are not respected.
We also appeal to all citizens of Germany, Europe and the USA, to public and religious organizations, to human rights defenders and journalists, to help stopping the extradition to Russia for torture and death.
We appeal to asylum seekers and political emigrants who already have refugee status: do not wait until they knock at your door and send you to Putin’s Russia. We understand that many who have become accustomed to absolute arbitrariness on the part of Russia and have lost faith in the International Legal Norms, which in Russia are only declarative and completely discredited…
Germany is different not only in form but also in content in the principles of respect for human rights. And all the arguments and rumors that there is „collaboration against the Chechens between Germany and Russia“, are phantom and are provocative in nature…
Defend your rights in the frame of law, unite!
Mayrbek Taramov – Chechen Centre of the Human Rights Defence, Sweden.

Obmann Khuseyn ISKHANOV Kulturverein ICHKERIA, Österreich.
E-mail huseyn1956@gmail.com

Adam Dervishev – Institut Tchétchène de Paris, France.
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Maiu Plado – Independent International Chechen Human Rights group, Estonia.
Tel: 00372 538 438 63

Rechtsanwalt Aslan Arzuev – Human Rights Protection (Hamburg)
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