Particles of flesh

рубрика: Без рубрики

They are chased away…
They are hunted down…
They are rejected…
They look like insane.
They walk around in small groups, because it is too dangerous for gatherings.
They are of no use to anyone except of those they search.
They are persecuted…
They are deceived…
They are being killed…
There are many of them — hundreds, thousands. No one knows for sure…
These are those, whose relatives have been killed or abducted and disappeared without a trace. They hope to find their loved ones, if not alive, then their corpses, or at least what remains of them, so that IT could be buried. They hope very much that a «happy» day will come when, finally, their torment will end and they will lay down their burden.
Each of them cherished a hope that the Mankind, which proclaimed that after the death, the sanctity of the human body is inviolable, would stand up for them. However, everything turned out to be a lie. They lost hope and faith in the Humanity and now believe only in the power of money for which everything is sold in Chechnya, and for which you can buy back a still living relative, a corpse, or at least what remains of it.
However, the money they had long over – it was all spent searching for the loved ones, the search lasting for weeks, months, years. They have borrowed money from everywhere they could, no one gives them anymore, and they have nothing left to pawn. They sold their homes, property, and household belongings — everything they had. Almost all of them are ill — long search drove people to physical and moral exhaustion. Now they have nothing, and they hardly have a life in their exhausted bodies.
Among them, there are those who previously did not tolerate each other, but the misfortune united the relatives of the disappeared people: policemen, fighters of the Chechen Resistance, ordinary citizens of Chechnya. They thoroughly got to know each other and understand each other with a half-word. They share among themselves everything they have left. Each of them knows everything about the other: who, how and where; on what they live. They know histories of the others in great details, because their tragic stories are written down on paper hundreds of times, and more times are spoken aloud.
Sometimes, good luck smiles to someone of those people. And when the lucky man, who managed to find and ransom his relative or a corpse leaving the others, the grief of the unlucky fellows increases. They envy the «lucky». They question the «lucky» again and again, to the smallest details, about how he managed to find his relative or corpse. They ask questions so that not to miss that small detail, due to which they would be able to find their own loved one. They get a hope that thanks to that small detail they would be able to find their family member. However, as time passes, the suddenly flashed hope quickly dies away.
Their contingent is changing. A slow rotation occurs — replacing the «lucky», newcomers come, who only recently acted only by their known scheme. They – the newcomers — for the time being believed that it was only with his relative an unfortunate mistake occurred, and that being in the hot pursuit of the missing person, they will soon be able to find him or her. They were sure that their search method was perfect and will soon yield positive results. However, as a rule, everything happened the other way around.
If the kidnapped is a little-known person who does not have relatives in the government or in the law reinforcement agencies in Chechnya, and even more, his relatives have no money, he or she is doomed to obscurity. Then the ardor of the newcomers falls, their money end, and they end up with the rejects.
Usually the rejects gather in small groups in front of various government agencies and organizations, law reinforcement agencies, the military base of “Khankala”, and other military bases. The rejects stand there in the rain and snow, in the heat and cold, hoping for something that only god knows. When authorities of those places get bored with them, or a large crowd forms, they get dispersed with batons and rifle butts.

“Deceivers” in epaulets

There is a military base in Chechnya, at the entrance to the village of Starye Atagi, where a mill used to be. Few people know what is the number of this base and that is the name of the law reinforcement agency that inhabits it. However, everyone knows this base by name of «The Mill». This name is quite consistent with what is happening behind the gates of this terrible institution — here the bodies and fates of the Chechen people are being grinded. Nobody knows even an approximate number of people who disappeared without trace here.
And how much cunning, cynicism and inhumanity possess the inhabitants of «The Mill»? The Russian militaries promise the relatives of the missing people to find their loved ones for a certain amount of money and by a certain date. However, as a rule, when the agreed time passes — there are neither those Russian militaries, nor the missing relatives, not to mention the money. It turns out that that Russian militaries, having served a term of their military assignment, have already left for their homeland.
And those who came to the place of the departed «deceivers» in epaulets, again promise to help the unfortunate relatives, but for a smaller service — for example, for a box of vodka with a sheep. Most often, relatives take this bait again. Almost all of these unfortunates pass this vicious circle. And particularly trustful — several times, until they are completely impoverished.
How many such «mills» throughout Chechnya?

Complaints to Putin

When all means of unofficial resource are exhausted, poor relatives take up their pen. They complain. They resort to the system of complaints and applications after realizing that advice of «well-wishers» did not yield any results. They advised to settle the matter without unnecessary noise, with the help of money or connections. This is the current business of various «well-wishers» — a business on blood.
Then a victims’ relatives write applications, appeals, complaints, beginning with the Russian president (not realizing that Putin is the root cause of all their troubles and misfortunes), and ending with human rights organizations.
Here, for example, one application out from tens of thousands, from a citizen of the Chechen Republic — Sultanova A.E.
«On January 23, 2003 in village Kharachoy, at about 15:00, my son Sultanov Akhludi Saidal-Alievich, born in 1972, was detained and taken away to an unknown destination. He was detained by the military in a motor vehicle AX-909 RUS in the presence of the commandant of the Vedensky district and the head of the administration of village Kharachoy — Umarov S.Kh.
Wherever we wrote, to whomever we addressed, whomever we asked for help, all to no avail — there are neither guilty nor responsible.
I do not ask you to punish the people who participated in the operation; I just want to know where my son is. How is he? Is he alive? Where he is buried?
… Please understand that it is very difficult to live with a fate of not knowing anything about a very close person. Live from day to day, from night to night, and understand that no one is going to help in any way, no one is investigating anything. How to live with this torture? How to live with a tragedy, which cannot be more terrible? Many mothers cannot bear this grief. I beg of you, help to still living mothers!
My son has a wife and three young children. Give them back their father. Are there not enough widows and orphans? My family has high hopes for your participation in our misfortune and the demonstration of compassion.»
In the Kremlin, they like to emphasize that Chechens are citizens of Russia. On the example of Sultanova, we can see the real attitude of Russian authorities towards «their» citizens.

Fifteen-year-old recruiter of female «Shahids»

Another story was told by a mother of a fifteen-year-old girl, whose daughter Aminat Dugayeva was abducted by Russian law enforcement agencies during a military cleansing operation in the village of Ulus-Kert…
«We lived in the prosperous Naur district, in the village of Rubezhnoe. My daughter Aminat was an “A” grade pupil at school and my best helper. I do not have a husband. I am constantly ill, and Aminat did all the work around the house herself.
When Aminat had school holidays, our relative Kurbika came from the village of Ulus-Kert and asked Aminat to go with her to her village to help her with the housework. I let my daughter go. Damn the day when I did it.
About 3 o’clock in the morning, in the village of Ulus-Kert, at address Shkolnaya 12, armed servants of Russian law enforcement agencies, who arrived in military vehicles, broke into in the house. They detained Kurbika Said-Hasanovna Gekhaeva, born in 1970, and along with her my fifteen-year-old daughter — Aminat Movsarovna Dugaeva. They took them to an unknown destination.
According to eyewitnesses, during that night, the entire street where the family of the Gehaevs lived was crowded with armed people in camouflage uniforms, in masks and without.
When Russian military broke into the house, the women were sleeping. The old mother of Kurbika, Rumani Gehayeva, woke up and came out towards the intruders. The military immediately knocked her down, dragged into a room, tied her hands behind her back, breaking her finger, and covered her mouth and nose with scotch tape. At the same time, one of the militaries said to others: «Do it so that she does not breathe.» However, the old woman, fortunately, survived. After the military left, neighbors ran into the house, managed to free and bring to life the already blue-choked old woman.
While some military tied the old woman, the others grabbed Kurbika Gekhaeva and Aminat Dugayeva and dragged them out into the street. Neighbors watched what was happening from the windows, but did not dare leave their houses, because the whole street was crowded with armed people. The villagers saw that the women were wearing nightgowns, and how Kurbika Gekhaeva was resisting when she was placed in an armored personnel carrier.
In addition, the neighbors heard how the military informed someone on the radio:
— «There are two of them, but we need one.» What to do with the second?
An answer from walkie-talkie was:
— «Take the second one also.»
Then the military lined up and left the village.
In the morning, the relatives of the detainees, together with the head of the administration of the village of Ulus-Kert, complained to the military commander’s office and the police station of Shatoi district. However, members of these security agencies deny their involvement in that special operation…
Mother of Aminat Dugayeva learned about the tragedy only the next day.
«To whom only did I not speak?» Who only did not promise to help me, assuring that there was an error with Aminat, and she would certainly be released. And how much money did I spend in search of my daughter? — I lost count, I got into debt.
I was in Rostov, at the Regional Operational Headquarters. I got to Moscow. I contacted the high-ranking military and civilian ranks — everyone assured me that they would sort it out and my daughter would be found. I wrote hundreds of applications to various authorities. All for nothing – as if my daughter disappear into thin air.
Every night Aminat comes to me in dream — she asks me for help. I wake up in a cold sweat and cry. I would even calm down a little if I knew for sure that she was no longer alive, but my heart tells me that she is alive. »
«The most terrible — continues mother Aminat Dugayeva — I heard from the mouth of Fridinsky, Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia, that my daughter is a recruiter of Shahids! (Reports on this can be found in various Russian media – M.T.).
How one can say that? After all, my daughter is only 15 years old! How can a child recruit someone for carrying out terrorist acts? After all, Aminat has no idea about this. Are adults in the Prosecutor General’s Office not thinking about what they are saying? Let my daughter be returned! My heart tells me that she is alive! »
It is quite possible that the mother’s heart was not deceiving … Two years later, on July 1, 2005, Aminat’s mother would have more valid reasons for such premonitions…

FSB (Russian Federal Security Service) – the factory of Shahids

Tsibirov Valery Markelenovich – a father of a schoolgirl who died in the terrorist attack in Beslan, identified his missing daughter Tamiris from the photo published on the official pro-Kremlin website «Chechen Republic».
На изображении может находиться: 5 человек, люди стоят и телефон

In his statement, V. Tsibirov said: «On June 21, the information channel “Chechen Republic” ( published a message titled “A gang of mentors to female suicide bombers has been eliminated in Chechnya.” It was about an arrest of bandits in Chechnya who abducted underage girls with the aim of using them as suicide bombers.
The message was accompanied by a photo of three girls, who in that photo were fed by a man in camouflage uniform. Subsequently, the photo has disappeared from the site. Me and my relatives insist that the girl on the right is my daughter.
In any case, we state an absolute, very strong resemblance, and we hope that the law enforcement agencies will soon help us to determine whether Tamiris Tsibirova (born in August 3, 1994) was released in June in Chechnya. «(The photo of site, is provided by the editorial office of IA REGNUM by Valery Tsibirov. Permanent address: The news is dated 17:54 01.07.2005).
На изображении может находиться: 2 человека

We do not know how this detective story ended, but it seems that FSB forced Tsibirov Valery to doubt that his daughter is on the photo. However, this report, once again confirms the numerous facts that Russian special services agents are engaged in abductions of their own citizens. Such crimes became a norm in Chechnya and are presented as special operations to identify militants. For this purpose, special services agents from all over vast Russia are sent here, it is not entirely clear with what purpose these special service agents kidnap minor children.
The statement of Tsibirov about the abduction of his daughter and the publication of a photo depicting his kidnapped daughter should be regarded as a colossal failure in the work of Russian special services. Similar failure occurred, for example, in Ryazan, when FSB officers, who laid explosives into an apartment building, were caught red handed. Similar failure also had place in Doha, when Qatar special services arrested Russian GRU (Russian Main Intelligence Directorate) officers who committed there a terrorist act, as a result of which the ex-president of CRI Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev was killed and his son was wounded. The failed list of Russian special services can be continued for as long as you like…
Due to failures, the public learns about behind-the-scenes operations of the special services. Owing to their extremely low professionalism, Russian special services have plenty of these failures. Therefore, for a more or less intelligent person it is not difficult, behind the banner of the fight against terrorism, to see the true face of «loyal followers of Putin», and come to a logical conclusion that Russian special services are seeders of terror who kidnap, amongst others, minor children for zombification and cultivation of “Shahids”. Almost in the same way, Russian specialists are training dolphin-bombers in their laboratories.
A question arises: what Kremlin and Lubyanka (FSB) do need them for? The answer is simple. It is not difficult to foresee that after a series of «Shahid» explosions in Chechnya or in some regions of Russia, the world community will once again become convinced of the existence of international terrorists in this Caucasian republic, and then the problem is shifted from the shoulders of Putin to the shoulders of the leaders of the international community.
And when, after a terrible explosions, faces of «Shahids» will start glimpsing on the screens of Russian television and the presenters and journalists excitedly will comment on the terrorist attacks, the relatives of the disappeared will understand who had kidnapped their children and for what purpose, and what trap they fell into.
According to the law on terrorism adopted by the State Duma, the bodies of «Shahids» are not allowed to be given to their families. Therefore, they are left with the last hope that at the site of explosion, they would be able to stealthily collect some particles of their children’s flesh and, without much noise, bury IT.

Mayrbek Taramov, 28.07.05